Wookie and Hyuk going to members room

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That moment when yesung didnt want to let go eunhyuk from card kissing game

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D-Day. Welcome back, our angel. Our Leader.

D-Day. Welcome back, our angel. Our Leader.


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News: Shindong enlisting next month, EunHae and Sungmin will enlist ne-
ELF: SHHhhhshhhhsSHHhhhHhhhhhhHHHH not yet

191-3 / 365 Images of Park Jungsu

140722 EunHae at Gimpo Airport
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2014 Henry&Donghae Birthday Project.



@haesdiary, @smackhyuk and I have come together to do fund raising for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan. We will be collecting donations from fans worldwide and these funds will go through Red Cross and directly to the Haiyan relief. We will be donating under…

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